I. Visa and Residence Permit

1. Visa

 (1) X visa. Students with an X Visa who plan to stay in China for more than half a year must obtain the Residence Permit within 30 days of entry in China. The detailed information can be found from International Office Website http://foreign.ujs.edu.cn/ch/.  Those who exceed this time limit are considered illegal residents. A physical examination is required when applying for the Residence Permit.

(2) F visa. Students with an F visa are not required to hold a residence permit. “Intended days of stay” in the visa decides their days of stay in China.

(3) L visa. Students who come to China with an L visa must obtain an X student visa before applying for their Residence Permit, or else they can only stay in China only within the valid period defined in their L visa.

      (4) According to China’s laws, international students, when going out of campus, must carry passports and other credentials to prove their legal status in China.

2. Residence Permit (Apply After Registration)

Students have to apply for the Residence Permits within 30 days after they enter China, or will be faced with fine of 500 yuan per day. All the materials must beon A4 paper.

(1) Fill in the application form for VISA and attach a piece of photo to it. One copy/ per person

(2) Present official letter issued by the school, One copy/ per person.

(3) Passport

(4) Copy of the first page, residence permits and VISA of the passport, One copy/ per person.

(5) JW202 table (yellow) and its copy.

(6) One copy of Certificate of health issued by Changzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau

(7) A piece of photo of passport.

(8) Residence Permit charges 400 Yuan/per person (within one year), 800 yuan (more than one year); (excluding the conversion visa fee).

(9) Foreign students should apply on their own.

II. Academic Guide

1. Semesters Arrangement

The school year at CIT is divided into two semesters; Spring and Fall semesters.

One semester usually lasts about 19 weeks. The school year usually starts in September, which is also the start of the fall semester while the spring semester usually starts in February.

If you want to have a detailed and concrete outline of the arrangement of the semester, please consult yearly academic calendar.

2.Class Time


The 1st  period


The 2nd  period


The 3rd  period


The 4th  period


The 5th  period



The 6th  period


The 7th  period


The 8th  period


The 9th  period


The 10th  period



The 11th  period


The 12th  period


The 13th  period


III. Accommodation  Fees

1. Location: Jingyuan No. 7 Apartment BuildingInternational Students Apartment.

2. Living Conditions:

There are a double room, furniture, air conditioner, Internet, hot water, toilet, public kitchen, public utilities and washing machines in the dormitory. There will be staff in charge of cleaning public area. Please contact the management office for more details.

3. Fees of Accommodation4000 RMB/academic year/student

Notes: 1) Electricity Limitation: 300 free KWH/academic year/student. Extra amount more than the limitation shall be paid, 0.55yuan/KWH. Running water Limitation: 40 tons/academic year/student. Extra amount more than the limitation shall be paid, 3.97yuan/ton. Hot Water Limitation: 25 tons/academic year/student. Extra amount more than the limitation shall be paid, 36.7 yuan/ton..

2) Please make sure all the things in the room are sound when entering. Any damage caused by the unproper use later will be paid by the user himself/herself.

IV. Dining

Foreign students may have meals in any restaurant on campus. There are 3 restaurants (Minghu restaurant/ the 1st restaurant, Jingyuan restaurant/ the 2nd restaurant, Taoxi restaurant / the 3rd restaurant) on campus. All restaurants are open to international students, being able to provide all kinds of flavor and all types of food. Besides, there is a Halal restaurant on the third floor of Taoxi restaurant (the 3rd restaurant). The campus card will be used for dining.

V. Transportation

According to Campus Rules and Regulations, Vehicles (such as carsmotorbikes, bikes, E-bikes, etc) are prohibited from running around the main areas on campus. International students are strongly suggested to abide by Campus Rules and Regulations. There are public buses of No. 528, No. 90 and No. 35, and etc. outside around the school gate, respectively leaving for the unban areas and the railway stations. Bus fare is 1 or 2 Yuan. Public bike rental service are also provided near the campus.

VI. Currency Exchange& Other Banking Services

Ren Min Bi (RMB) is the only accepted currency in the People's Republic of China . The main unit of RMB is the yuan (jiao=0.1; fen=0.01). RMB is printed in the following forms: 100 yuan, 50 yuan, 10 yuan, 5 yuan, 2 yuan, 1 yuan, 5 jiao, 2 jiao, 1 jiao, 5 fen, 2 fen, and 1 fen and coined in 1 yuan, 5 jiao, 1 jiao, 5 fen, 2 fen, 1 fen.

There is ATM service on campus. Currency exchange and savings account services are available outside the campus. If you want to deposit or withdraw money, you can go to the nearest bank business hall.

Bank of China :

Service Phone Number: 95566

Website: http://www.bank-of-china.com

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China:

Service Phone Number: 95588

Website: http://www.icbc.com.cn/

China Construction Bank:

Service Phone Number: 95533

Website: http://www.ccb.com/

Agricultural Bank of China

Service Phone Number: 95599

VII. Library

Library of Changzhou Institute of Technology is open to foreign students, who need to use the campus card to borrow books.

VIII. Internet services

If you want to have access to Internet at your room, there is an Internet connection guide for use at your room.

IX. Medical Service

School clinic is ready to provide basic medical services for you during working hours. The clinic is located in the second floor of the Logistics Service Center

The Fourth People’s Hospital of Changzhou is located nearby. And the Fist People’s Hospital, the Second People’s Hospital and the like are located in urban areas. You may go to see the doctor if necessary. If you don’t know how to get there, you may contact contact SOIC or your co-student for help.

X. Communication

(1) Telephone number of SOIC Office: 0519-85211890 Outside Changzhou City, please add area code 0519 before 85211890

(2) Mailing address:

School of International Cooperation, Changzhou Institute of Technology, No.666, Liaohe Road, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, P. R. China

Zip code: 213032  

3If you want to mail post card, letters, or international express, the mailing service office is at the 1st floor of the Logistics Service Center Building, called Cainiao Yizhan(菜鸟驿站). You can contact SOIC or the co-students for help.

XI. Holidays

In addition to winter and summer holidays, traditional festivals in China are: New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, Labor’s Day, the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Day and the National Day. Chinese students and foreign students enjoy the same holidays. The university will not give days off for foreign students’ traditional holidays.

Specific arrangements of holidays will be posted on the Notice Boards in the dormitories and classrooms.

XII. Facilities on Campus

Changzhou Institute of Technology has well-developed sports facilities, with football field, basketball courts, volleyball courts free of charge. There are perfect living facilities on campus: supermarkets, bank ATMs, post offices, clinic etc. to meet your needs.

XIII. Extracurricular Activities & Student Organizations

School of International Cooperation will organize extracurricular activities for international students to participate to spend their free time. These activities include culture, sports and entertainment, such as tourist visits. Individual school also holds its own activities and international students are welcome to participate in. Please pay special attention to the announcement of these activities and try to attend as you like.

All the facilities are open to international students. Some facilities are required a fee for use. Don't let athletic sports interfere with studies or rest of others. Students are expected to treat the equipment and facilities with respect.

International students are welcome to join Student Organization such as athletic teams, dancing teams, chorus teams, and etc.

International students have representation in the Student Association and are welcomed as active participants of it.

CIT has about 200 student groups which are allowed to recruit members at the beginning of each school year in September. There are activity bulletin boards on campus and student dormitories that post upcoming student activities. International students can participate whatever they like.

XIV. Campus Card

The campus card can be uesd for dining, borrowing books, hot water, etc. If the card is lost or damaged, you may go to the Service Hall (located in the 1st floor of Block A of the Logistics Service Center) to make a new card. The service time is from 13:00 to16:00 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you want to recharge your campus card, the recharge machines are installed at the following places. You may contact SOIC or your co-student for help.

1st Floor of Kaiyang Building (enter from the east enterance)

1st Floor of the Logistics Service Center (in the lobby of Block B)

1st Floor of Minghu Restaurant (at the center of the lobby)

1st Floor of Jingyuan Restaurant (near the north enterance)

1st Floor of Taoxi Restaurant (in the lobby of the north enterance)

Jingyuan Apartmeng 1, lobby of Block C & D

Jingyuan Apartmeng 2, lobby of Block A & B

Jingyuan Apartmeng 3, lobby of Block A & B

Jingyuan Apartmeng 4, lobby of Block A & B

Jingyuan Apartmeng 5, lobby of Block A & B

Jingyuan Apartmeng 6, lobby of Block A & B

Jingyuan Apartmeng 7, lobby of Block C & D

XV. Travel in China

International students may take advantage of their free time to travel. They must properly keep visa or temporary Residence Permit to travel within the areas.

Without special authorization or for research needs, students may not travel to the areas restricted to foreigners. You will also need to obtain a letter of recommendation from your department of study to process this special authorization. Those who transgress these regulations will be punished accordingly.

Students are only permitted to travel during weekends, holidays, and winter and summer vacations.

You may also go to the China National Tourism Administration website for more information: http://www.cnta.com