Sino-Foreign Cooperatively-Run Education refers to educational institutions or programs jointly organized by foreign educational institutions and Chinese educational institutions in China with Chinese citizens being the main enrollment target. It is an effective way to cultivate high-quality talents with an international vision, who are urgently needed for the country’s economic and social development.

Currently, CIT has 2 Sino-Foreign Cooperatively-Run Programs in the majors of software engineering and automation with University of Hertfordshire (UH), approved in 2011 and 2022, respectively. The programs adopt the 3 + 1 training mode, which means students study in CIT for the first three years and study in UH in the fourth year. After completing the required credits, they can obtain undergraduate graduation certificate, bachelor’s degree certificate issued by CIT as well as bachelor’s degree certificate issued by UH. Program students can also choose the 2+2 mode according to their personal situation, studying in CIT for the first two years, and studying in UH in the third and fourth years.

Since the software engineering major started enrolling students, 210 students have studied in the UK so far. Among the 188 students who have graduated from UH, 42% obtained a first-class honors bachelor’s degree (excellent), and 45.2% obtained a second-class honors bachelor’s degree (good). Nearly 90% of the graduates have been admitted as postgraduates in artificial intelligence, network security, data science and analytics and other majors in world-class universities such as University College London, University of Edinburgh, University of Southampton, and New York University. The one-time employment signing rate of students is 100%, and many graduates are employed in in well-known enterprises, namely, Intel Shanghai Research Institute, IBM, Huawei, Citigroup Financial Information, Oracle Corporation, Alibaba, Hikvision, etc.

In 2020, software engineering program was awarded as Jiangsu High-level Demonstration Sino-Foreign Cooperatively-Run Program under Construction.