How to Apply Entry Visa

As a new student, you will need to enter China with a 'Student Visa' (X1). After the admission and payment of application fees, we will post you the admission notice and JW202. After receiving of this post, please refer to the webiste of 'Chinese Embassy or Consulate' in your country and apply for a student visa.

The following documents are usually required to apply for an entry visa for study purpose:

(1) Original Admission Notice issued by Changzhou Institute of Technology.

(2) Original of Form JW202.

(3) Application for Chinese Visa.

(4) Physical Examination Record for Foreigners.

After applying for the visa, you will be issued an X1 visa to enter China. Please note that this visa is only valid for 30 days after you enter China.Holders of X1 Visa shall, within 30 days from the date of their entry, apply to the exit/entry administration for foreigners' residence permits.

The Student Affairs Office shall help you apply for the residence permit during the registration process. Please closely follow and co-operate withour registration procedures.

Airport Pick-up / Submit Arrival Info

1. Arrival Info

Once you have confirmed your travel dates and time to the University, please upload the detailed arrival information through the online system template.

2. Free Pick-up

For new students arriving in Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG), CIT will provide FREE PICK-UP service between 08:00-19:00 during the registration season. For convenience, we advise that you schedule your arrival date and time within this period if possible. Please sign up for the free airport pick-up before the deadline.

How to Arrive at CIT

1.FromShanghai Pudong Airport or Shanghai Hongqiao Airport :

(1) Take AIRPORT BUS LINE 1 from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station(上海虹桥火车站)(30 Yuan /person, 1.5 hours)

(2) Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station(上海虹桥火车站)to Changzhou North Railway Station常州北火车站)(BULLET TRAIN: around 75 Yuan/person, 1.5 hours);

(3) Changzhou North Railway Stationto CITTAXI, about 10 Yuan, half an hour. Or take No. 35/No. 90 public bus to Liaohe Road Campus of CIT (Chinese : 常州工学院辽河路校区Changzhou Gongxueyuan Liaohelu Xiaoqu).

2. From Nanjing Lukou Airport:

(1) Nanjing Lukou Airport (南京禄口机场)to Changzhou City Airport Lounge 常州城市候机楼)AIRPORT LOUNGE BUS:80 Yuan/person

(2) Changzhou Airport Lounge常州城市候机楼)to CITTAXI, about 20 Yuan, 20 minutes (Chinese : 常州工学院辽河路校区Changzhou Gongxueyuan Liaohelu Xiaoqu).

OrTAXI from Nanjing Lukou Airport to CIT: about 500 Yuan

  1. From Changzhou Benniu Airport:

TAXI to CIT: about 500Yuan

Financial Information

1.Transfer / Payment of Fees

Before you come to China, please make all necessary arrangements to pay your tuition fees and other necessary fees. You are required to pay off fees upon arrival. Delay in payment of fees may delay your registration and residence permit.Ideal options to carry money by the students are Traveler's Check or WESTERN UNION money transfers on student’s name. Most international debit/credit cards offer cash withdrawals at Chinese ATMs. (In all these options, student make the transaction from home and receive money in China through respective institutions).

If you wish to transfer the tuition to university account, please note that we do not take responsibility for any delays or transaction in the remittance. We only consider the date on which the amount arrives to our account. Please note that any wrong input will cause failure of the transaction. We request you to take special attention on our account details (given below).


Foreign Currency Account (US dollar remittance only

Account Name

Changzhou Institute of Technology

Bank Account No.


Beneficiary Bank

China Construction Bank, Jiangsu Changzhou Branch

Bank Address

No.139, Middle Huaide Road, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, P. R. China



Please note that the Foreign currency accountcan only accept USD. Please do not transfer other currencies to this account.

2.Local Bank Accounts

You can open a local RMB account in China and can withdraw funds using a passbook and/or an ATM card for the account issued by the banks in Changzhou. When traveling, use the ATM card to withdraw funds. You shouldalways carry sufficient money in cash to cover emergencies.

3. Exchanging Money

You will find several establishments in China where money-changing services are offered. Banks are the best places, offering the official rate and charging a reasonable commission. There also money-changing services at major hotels and international airports. A passport is required to change money. When changing money at an ATM with credit or bank cards, it is not always possible to check the rate you are being offered or to establish if there is a commission fee accessed (some may be higher or lower). Check your receipt carefully and avoid that machine in the future if rates are excessive. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the current exchange rates before you go abroad.

4. Safety Reminders

Remember to keep your receipts safely for all foreign currencies exchanged into RMB.Government regulations allow only 50% of the original amount to be changed back into foreign currencies and require proof of the initial exchange. (For example, if you change $100 to RMB you can only change back half of the RMB to dollars, $50 worth, and must provide the original exchange receipt). The RMB to dollar exchange must be made at the main branch of the bank in Changzhou.Do not change money outside of the official exchange services.Unofficial exchanges usually result in losing your money. The practice is illegal and you could also face charges of breaking foreign exchange laws.

Do not keep large sums of cash in your dorm(room). Buy a travelers’money belt and beware of pickpocketters in crowds and on public transports.

Register Residence Information

All students must register residence information within 24 hours after you enter into China each time, either at the receptionist of our overseas apartment in CIT orthe hotel that accommodates you.A fine of 2000 CNY will be imposedby the Exitand Entry Bureau if you fail to register your residence information with-24 hours after arriving China;which could also trouble you during your next renewal.

*If you are picked-up by CIT, you will be directly taken to your dormitory, and The Student Affairs Office shall help you register yourresidence information.

*If you come on any other dates or make your own arrangements but cannot arrive campus with-in 24 hours, please REMEMBER TO REGISTER YOURRESIDENCE INFORMATION AT THE HOTEL WHERE YOU STAY OR AT THE POLICE STATION (if you stay at residence of family or friends).


Please note that accommodation can be alloted to you ONLY during working hours (dates other than registration dates); so you should live in a hotel (REGISTER IN HOTEL) and come to OEC for registration and getting a room on next working day.

Residence Permit (Apply After Registration)

Students have to apply for the Residence Permits within 30 days after they enter China, or will be faced with fine of 500 yuan per day. All the materials must be on A4 paper.

(1) Fill in the application form for VISA and attach a piece of photo to it. One copy/ per person

(2) Present official letter issued by the school, One copy/ per person.

(3) Passport

(4) Copy of the first page, residence permits and VISA of the passport, One copy/ per person.

(5) JW202 table (yellow) and its copy.

(6) One copy of Certificate of health issued by Changzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

(7) A piece of photo of passport.

(8) Residence Permit charges 400 Yuan/per person (within one year), 800 Yuan (more than one year); (excluding the conversion visa fee).

(9) Foreign students should apply on their own.

Comprehensive Insurance for Foreign Students

According to the regulations of Ministry of Education of China, all the foreign Students studying in China longer than six months should have Comprehensive Insurance.

800RMB/student/school year.

Student Registration and Orientation Education


All new students of current intake should report at the schoolbefore the deadline only. Admissions of students who fail to arrive for registration without any prior permission will be considered as automatic drop-out.

Registrationfor freshmen is a complete digitalized process which connects student to all databases and systems on campus. During registration process, the student will go through the following:

Verification of admission and admission materials.

Knowing fees structure and payment procedures.

Getting a hostel room.

Physical examination.

Residence permit applying.

Academic registration.

Applying for All-in-One Campus card.

Applying for a Student ID card.


CIT provides orientation education to all it's new foreign students. The aim of the program is to make the student familiar with the university, city, country he/she studying in. A whole lot of senior student, staff and teachers gather and communicate with the freshmen and educate them about life and education at CIT and help them overcome the culture shock. An orientation education program usually includes Physical Examination,Introduction of CIT, Life Guide in China, Handbook for CIT International Students,Introduction to Teaching Affairs, MentalHealth Education,Dormitory Manual for International Students, Cross-Cultural Communication of International Students In China, Medical Insurance Discussion, Residence PermitApplication, Exam for International Students Handbook, Campus Tour.

Contact Information

School of International Cooperation, Changzhou Institute of Technology

Add: Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China, 213032

Tel: +86-519-88510196 (office);