Launched by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, and jointly organized and managed by CEAIE, CCIEE, JESIE and AASCU, Sino-Foreign Joint Credit Recognition Programs is a double degree program carried out within the framework of “China US talent training program”.

CIT has 2 Sino-Foreign Joint Credit Recognition Programs in the majors of digital media arts and business English, the former with Troy University and the later with University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (UWEC). Both the programs adopt the 1.5+2+0.5 mode and recognize each other’s credits. Students complete the prescribed courses and credits in CIT from the first to the third semesters, go to the corresponding majors in the American universities from the fourth to the seventh semesters, and return to CIT in the eighth semester to complete the prescribed follow-up courses and credits. After the completion of the study period, the students who have passed the exams and met the requirements for degree awarding of both universities shall obtain a bachelor’s degree from CIT and the American university and a graduation certificate from CIT at the same time.The diplomas and degrees obtained are recognized by the Chinese and American governments.

Until 2022, CIT has enrolled 5 sessions of program students, among whom 61 have studied in the United States.