2023 Spring Enrollment Profile of Short-term Chinese Language and Culture Program

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I. University Overview

Founded in 1978, Changzhou Institute of Technology (herein referred to as CIT) is a regular full-time undergraduate degree awarding institution approved by the Ministry of Education in China with a more than 100-year history of offering Teacher Training Education. CIT is located in the “Dragon City” Changzhou, which is in the south part of Jiangsu Province with a history of over 3,200 years. It is now a modern, emergent industrial city with a well-developed economy. It is located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta between Shanghai and Nanjing. It is also the neighbor city of Suzhou and Wuxi. The city’s advantages include convenient transportation facilities such as airports, high-speed trains, and expressways.

CIT has four campuses, namely, Liaohe Road Campus, Wushan Road Campus, Huiguanbang Road Campus (School of Continuing Education), and Science and Technology Industrial Park. The total area is about 87 hectares. There are about 1,300 staff members and over 16,000 full-time students. CIT is a multidisciplinary university with 18 Schools/Teaching Sections, offering 59 undergraduate programs with majors in fields of Engineering, Science, Management, Economics, Literature, Education and Arts. CIT has a modern library, excellent sports facilities, a training building for the integration of production and education, a cultural and art activity center, an international academic exchange center, as well as advanced teaching equipment and laboratories.

Since 1994, CIT has enrolled international students. CIT is a Target School for Overseas Study in Jiangsu Province, “Jiangsu Advanced Team in International Students’ Education”, Changzhou Learning Center of the Chinese Language & Culture for Foreigners, and Changzhou Chinese Culture Training Center for Foreigners. It is also a Hanban HSK test center. CIT boasts “Learning Center of Chinese Language” with advanced teaching staff.

School of International Cooperation is responsible for the recruitment and cultivation of foreign students. It owns a professional team of teaching, management and service staff, who provide all kinds of assistance. They aim at the success of every foreign student.

II.  About the Program

The program plans to improve the students' ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing in Chinese and their ability of cross-cultural communication through a four-month Chinese language program and Chinese cultural experience activities. According to the students' Chinese level, they are divided into basic class and middle-and-advanced class. The main courses include: comprehensive Chinese, spoken Chinese, Chinese listening, Chinese reading and writing, HSK exam guidance, etc.

III. Program Characteristics

1. Experienced teachers: All course instructors are Hanban (National Chinese Office)-sponsored Chinese teachers with extensive Chinese teaching experience and at least two years of Chinese teaching experience in foreign colleges. 

2. Rich content: To increase learners' language skills in numerous dimensions and strengthen learning effects, the program includes reading and writing lessons, listening and speaking lessons, practice and extension lessons.

3. Interaction with volunteers at any time: Each learning group will be allocated excellent Chinese volunteers who will assist the learners with their learning activities. Meanwhile, it provides learners with more opportunities to practice conversational Chinese, discuss ideas, and engage in cultural experiences.

4. Deep language and cultural experience: Students will gain a deeper grasp of Chinese society and culture through social economy and traditional practices. Aside from that, cultural experience activities will be organized to extend their horizons and make learning Chinese more enjoyable.

IV. Teaching Arrangement

1. Study time: May to August 2023. Full-time study, courses are generally arranged from Monday to Friday, and language & culture practice and experience are generally arranged on weekends.

2. Study Place:International students’ classroom on Liaohe Road Campus
V. Classes and enrollment

Both basic class and middle-and-advanced class will be arranged in small classes with at least 6 students and at most 20 students.

VI. Application Requirements and Deadline

Requirements: Applicants should be above 18 and below 60 in principle with good physical and mental health, who comply with Chinese Laws and regulations, and respect Chinese ethics and customs. Those under the age of 18 should submit Guarantee Letter.

Deadline: March 30, 2023

VII. Application Process and Documents

Login to  CIT online application system for International students, fill in relevant information and submit application materials online .

Online application website: https://czu.at0086.cn/StuApplication/Login.aspx 

kind reminders:

(1) The applicant shall ensure that all information is accurate.

(2) Applicants should keep their personal contact unblocked and check the online registration system and E-mail regularly. University will contact the applicants based on actual needs.

Necessary materials::

(1) Scanned copies of passport (pages with personal information; Passport must be valid for more than one year.); Scanned copies of all visas and residence permits related to China (Concealing Study experience in China is not allowed. If you have never been to China, passport page can be used instead.)

(2) Recently taken bareheaded photo with white background (Electronic)

(3) Certificate of No Criminal Record (submit translated versions in Chinese or English and get them notarized if certificates are written in other languages)

(4) Certificates of Chinese language Level or Advanced Study (if any)

(5) Applicants under the age of 18 should fill in “Letter of Guarantee for Students under 18 to Study in China” (download from CIT’s website) and provide guarantor’s personal information. Please visit the website below to download the form.

VIII. Study Cost





Tuition fee

6,000 YUAN/semester


Application and registration fee

500 YUAN(nonrefundable)


Accommodation fee

2000 YUAN / per student

(double room with air-conditioner, hot water, Wi-Fi, individual bathroom, public kitchen, and laundry room)


Dormitory deposit

500 YUAN (be refunded upon leaving CIT)


Medical insurance

400 YUAN /academic year


Textook fee

paid according to the actual cost, about 300 YUAN


Bedding fee

about 450 YUAN (optional, include pillows, pillowslip, bed-sheet, quilt, quilt-cover, mattress etc.)

IX. Remittance Information

1.Chinese currency (RMB) account (RMB remittance only)

Account   Name


Bank   Account No.


Beneficiary   Bank

Zhonglou Branch, Changzhou, China   Construction Bank

Bank Code


2.Foreign Currency Account (US dollar remittance only

Account Name

Changzhou Institute of Technology

Bank Account No.


Beneficiary Bank

China Construction Bank, Jiangsu Changzhou Branch

Bank Address

No.139, Middle Huaide Road, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, P. R. China



Note: If you pay by remittance, please make sure to write down passport number and personal name.

X. About Visa Application and Registration

Those admittees already in China who need the assistance of the university to handle the change and extension of residence permit must bring the original of the admission notice, JW202 form and other necessary materials to our school 14 working days before the expiration of the residence permit. After paying the relevant fees,university will apply for the extension of residence permit to the local exit and entry administration department.

Those admittees in their home countries should apply for a visa for study in China ( X2 visa) at the Chinese embassy (consulate) in the host country with materials such as the ordinary passport, the Admission Notice, the Visa Application Form for Foreign Students in China (JW202 form), and go to Changzhou Institute of Technology for registration at the specified time. Those who fail to pass the entrance examination after registration will be disqualified.

Note: 1. All students who hold the study visa issued by university must stay on campus and accept the daily management of full-time international students of CIT.

2. Registration time: April 2023 (refer to the admission notice for the specific time)

XI. Contact Information

School of International Cooperation, Changzhou Institute of Technology

Add: Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China, 213032

Email:  admission@oa.czu.cn


Miss. Xing13685248140Also Wechat ID

Mr. Jin13961427365Also Wechat ID

Ms. Xu18136695551Also Wechat ID

Ms. Zhu13306117072Also Wechat ID

Ms. Wu13815069788Also Wechat ID

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