Signing ceremony held at CIT to co-build the innovation & training platform for Industrial College of Intelligent Manufacturing

Publisher:系统管理员Release time:2022-01-10Number of views:308

On January 6, a signing ceremony was held at Changzhou Institute of Technology (CIT) to kick off the co-construction of an innovation and training platform for the Industrial College of Intelligent Manufacturing, a school under CIT shortlisted as one of the first national industrial colleges. Chaired by deputy Party secretary and vice president Zhou Quanfa, the event has seen the attendance of Mr. Cao Yuping, Secretary of the CPC CIT Committee, Mr. Tang Zhenghua, President of CIT, and heads of relevant departments and the Industrial College of Intelligent Manufacturing as well as executive officers from corporate partners, including Mr. Tang Jianhua, chairman of TOM Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.; Mr. Gu Xiaoyang, director of Jiangsu Changjiang Research Institute for Intelligent Manufacturing; Mr. Chen Shuanghe, chairman of Jiangsu Chenggong Valve Technology Co., Ltd.; Mr. Li Zhengyuan, regional director of Education Department of Beijing Digital Dafang (CAXA); and Mr. Zhang Zhengang, general manager of Changzhou Taixiang Automation Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

Addressing the ceremony, President Tang extended a warm welcome to all entrepreneurs present and introduced them to the major achievements CIT reaped in 2021 in four areas: specialty development, industrial service enhancement, talent buildup, and efforts to advance the development of the Industrial College of Intelligent Manufacturing. He stressed that it was a top priority for CIT to build the Industrial College of Intelligent Manufacturing against the high standards in 2021, as it is one of the first 50 state-approved industrial colleges.

Mr. Tang Jianhua delivered an address on behalf of the signatory enterprises. He said that the participant companies will give full play to their industrial edge and stay focused on intelligent design, intelligent process, intelligent measurement and control, and intelligent innovation. In line of the philosophy of co-development, they will make joint efforts to create a center for field placement, training, talent development, R&D and innovation, which features intelligent production line, collaborative manufacturing application, industrial robot and control, industrial simulation and machine vision. The co-built platform and the base for innovative talent development will serve the purposes of absorbing advanced technology, promoting the integration of industry and education, and fostering industrial professionals with innovation competence. He also promised, on behalf of all signatories, to actively cooperate with CIT in the implementation of the established plan, and spare no efforts to turn it into a reality.

Mr. Tang Zhenghua and corporate representatives jointly signed an agreement at the ceremony to launch the co-construction of the innovation and training platform for the national Industrial College of Intelligent Manufacturing.

Mr. Cao Yuping made a concluding speech. He said that the national Industrial College of Intelligent Manufacturing is a manifestation of the important move to innovation in institution, cooperation and platform, and that CIT will make it a carrier and highland of talent development and technological innovation, through which a large number of technological and innovative professionals are provided to enterprises to build a development mechanism of symbiosis and common prosperity with industries.