Delegation Led by Kim O’Keeffe, Mayor of Shepparton, Australia Visited CIT

Publisher:系统管理员Release time:2020-01-07Number of views:692

On August 30, a 6-member delegation led by Kim O’Keeffe, Mayor of Shepparton, Australia visited CIT.Wang Chuanjin, CIT’s Vice-President, and Shen Lian, Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Changzhou Municipal People’s Government met the delegation members. The two sides discussed ways of enhancing mutual understanding and strengthening cooperation.

Vice-President Wang briefly introduced Changzhou city and CIT, including Changzhou’s education development, CIT’s student size, disciplines, cooperation with business enterprises, international programs, international students’ education, graduates’ employment, etc. Mayor O’Keeffe introduced the education, natural environment, mainstay industries, and development opportunities etc. within Shepparton. She also introduced La Trobe University’s Shepparton campus, covering areas such as campus size, important majors, and international cooperation. Director Shen Lian reviewed the historical relationship between Shepparton and Changzhou. Subsequently, the two sides discussed joint programs in the fields of staff training, student exchange, credit recognition, and internship. After the meeting, the delegation members toured the CIT Liaohe campus.

Shepparton is a medium-sized Australian city with the fifth largest population in the state of Victoria. It is known as the barn of Australia, famous worldwide for its high-quality fruit and dairy products. In 2016, Shepparton became the sister city of Jintan, closely cooperating in areas of agricultural tourism, economic trade, cultural education, etc.