Experiencing the Charm of Culture, Building the Bridge of Friendship Experiencing Chinese Language and Culture in 2018 Summer Program Officially Started

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On the morning of July 2, the ‘Experiencing Chinese Language and Culture in 2018’ Summer Program officially started, with all the students coming from Yuhan University, Republic of Korea. Leaders, School of Education and Humanities academic staff, and staff from the Department of International Exchange and Cooperation attended the opening ceremony.

Wang Wenqin, Deputy Director of the Department of International Exchange and Cooperation extended a warm welcome to the Yuhan University students and their accompanying teacher. Ms Wang briefly introduced CIT, including its history, size, international exchange and cooperation, international students’ education, etc. Han Shanying, a Yuhan University teacher, and some student representatives gave speeches, expressing their satisfaction with the preparation work as well as expectations for their studies and lives in the following month. Finally, Dr. Zhangjin gave students their first lesson: ‘Changzhou, A Famous Historical and Cultural City’.

Altogether 30 students and 1 teacher from Yuhan University’s Department of Chinese Business, and Department of Hotel Management and Tourism joined in the summer program and took part in various language and cultural activities in the “Dragon City” of Changzhou in August for one month. They attended language courses such as Chinese listening, speaking, reading, writing, etc. as well as cultural courses such as Taijiquan, dragon dancing, paper cutting, Chinese drawing, etc. They also did practical activities by visiting museums, nursing houses for old people, and visited some cultural scenic spots in Changzhou, etc. In addition, the students spent one weekend with a homestay family, the members of whom are volunteer students of CIT.

Yuhan University and CIT signed an agreement to become sister universities in 2013. To date, the ‘Experiencing Chinese Language and Culture’ summer programs have been held successfully three times. Over 100 Korean teachers and students have come to CIT; greatly promoting cultural and educational exchange and cooperation between CIT and Yuhan University and serving as a friendship bridge between the two universities.