October 6 University, Egypt Delegation Visited CIT

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On July 22, a 2-member delegation led by Professor Omayma Ghanem Zaidan, Head of Chinese Language, School of Languages and Translation at October 6 University, visited CIT. Leaders and relevant teachers from the Department of International Exchange and Cooperation and the School of Education and Humanities met the delegation members.

Ms Zhu Juanfen, Director of the Department of International Exchange and Cooperation, warmly welcomed the delegation. Ms Zhu briefly introduced CIT, including disciplines, majors, international programs, and the regional advantages and traditional cultures of Changzhou city. Xie Yanhong, Vice-Dean of the School of Education and Humanities, briefly introduced the Department of Chinese Language and its history and achievements concerning teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Prof. Ghanem Zidan introduced the 6 October University Department of Chinese Language and its international programs. She noted that, with the increase in the number of China-invested enterprises, there is a great demand for local staff members who can speak Chinese. As a result, Chinese language training has become more in demand these days. Discussions were held regarding joint programs in the fields of long-term and short-term student exchange, credit recognition, sending Chinese language teachers, and establishing a Confucius Institute. The two sides agreed upon an initial cooperation intention. Prior to the meeting, the delegation members toured the CIT Wushan and Liaohe campuses. They also observed classes for Liuhan Industrial College, Korea students participating in Chinese Language and Culture Summer Camp

Founded in 1996, October 6 University is a private university located in the capital of Egypt, Cairo recognized by the Ministry of Education, Egypt, and the Ministry of Education in China. It has 13,000 students and is held in great prestige in Egypt.