CIT International Students and Changzhou Jinling Group held Cultural Exchange Activities on World Youth Day

Publisher:国际交流学院Release time:2019-12-17Number of views:659

On November 10th, nearly 20 CIT international students and the Youth League of Jinling Group carried out cultural exchange activities on World Youth Day with the theme of “Experiencing Different Cultures, Enjoying the Same Youth”.

In Qingguo Lane, Chinese and foreign youth together learned about different aspects of Chinese culture such as traditional incense, tea culture and traditional medicine (TCM). They also learned about how to make combs, an intangible culture heritage with unique Changzhou characteristics. They made comb teeth, polished and painted the combs with their own hands. experienced and understood Chinese Culture. They also introduced their own hometown specialties and enjoyed the beauty of different cultures.

In the Qingguo Lane, Zhou Youguang Library, the Chinese and foreign youth deepened their friendship through teamwork games and hometown introductions. They shared the customs and cultures of their respective countries based on their own culture, majors or professions, etc.

The cultural activity with the theme of “Experiencing Different Cultures, Enjoying the Same Youth” not only broadens the cultural experience of the international students, but also provides a stage for them to communicate with Chinese students and make progress together, which enhances the exchange and integration of Chinese and foreign culture.