Department of International Exchange and Cooperation Successfully held Overseas Program Lectures

Publisher:国际交流学院Release time:2019-12-17Number of views:393

International exchange and cooperation is one of the main functions of colleges and universities in addition to personnel training, scientific research, social services, cultural heritage and innovation. To help students understand CITs overseas exchange and training programs and related incentives and to further promote the going out of our students, 17 overseas programs lectures were held for the freshmen from 13 schools in Liaohe Road and Wushan Road campuses by the Department of International Exchange and Cooperation from November 13 to 21.

In order to successfully hold the lectures, Department of International Exchange and Cooperation has adopted a series of methods such as collective lecture preparation, assigning experienced teachers with an international vision to deliver the lectures, actively communicating with schools, publishing lecture information on PU platforms, ensuring notification, coordinating with relevant departments and preparing equipment in advance, etc.

The overall student number attending the 17 lectures is over 3,000, which means full coverage for the freshmen. Meanwhile, the net number of followers on the WeChat public account has increased by 181%. The number of students coming to consult about the programs has also increased significantly. In short, the lectures have achieved the expected outcome.