CIT’s Foreign Teacher Awarded “Changzhou Honorary Citizen Year 2019”

Publisher:国际交流学院Release time:2019-12-17Number of views:445

Applied by the municipal (district) government and relevant industries, reviewed by the municipal Honorary Citizen review team, publicized by the city government portal website, checked by City Council Executive Meeting, examined by the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, one of CIT’s foreign teachers, Steven William Ronald (more commonly known as William Steven), was awarded the title Changzhou Honorary Citizen Year 2019. The award aims at honouring foreigners who have made a significant contribution to Changzhou’s economic and social development as well as international exchange and cooperation. Ten foreigners were awarded the title in 2019.

William comes from Australia. He has been teaching at CIT since 2011, and is currently the Deputy Chief of Foreign Teaching and Research Section of School of Foreign Languages. He is very popular among students with his meticulous and creative teaching style. He has always been trying to motivate and stimulate students’ language competence via lots of methods such as cutting English movie clips, designing interesting topics, organizing interactive games, etc. Meanwhile, he has repeatedly served as the examiner and judge of the School and Changzhou 21st Century Lenovo Cup speech contest, Jiangsu Division. What’s more, he has participated in the translation and review of CIT’s English albums, promotional videos, program agreements, news reports, etc. Besides, he has worked to sort out and write English brochures for Changzhou's external propaganda voluntarily. In addition, he devoted himself to the signing of the memorandum of cooperation with Southern Cross University of Australia. He regards Changzhou as his hometown, and gives back to this city with professional knowledge, professionalism, and devotion.