Four disciplines approved as Jiangsu Province key disciplines for 14th FYP period

Publisher:系统管理员Release time:2021-12-31Number of views:310

Four disciplines offered by Changzhou Institute of Technology (CIT), i.e. mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering and business administration, are all approved as Jiangsu key disciplines for the 14th five-year plan period. The list recently released by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education contains 312 provincial key disciplines (excluding those from military colleges and universities).

The selection and construction of Jiangsu key disciplines for the "14th five-year plan" period is a follow-up move by Jiangsu Province as an implementation of relevant policy documents on the national reform of discipline and specialty system in the new era and on addressing the urgent needs for discipline and specialty construction in key fields. The work is meant to build a discipline system with scientific positioning, reasonable layout and clear structuring. It is of great significance to the overall improvement of discipline development in Jiangsu Province. Business administration was accredited as the first key discipline of humanities at CIT, setting a foundation for our building a well-structured discipline system. The disciplines of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and civil engineering will be further strengthened in terms of discipline orientation and featured advantages, to provide strong support for CIT in its application for the master degree-conferring authority.