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School of Mechanical & Vehicle Engineering

>>Key Laboratory under Construction for Jiangsu Digital Electrochemical Machining

>>Department of Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation

>>Department of Material Shaping and Control Technology

>>Department of Mechatronic Engineering

>>Department of Vehicle Engineering

>>Teaching Section of Basic Mechanical Education

>>Central Laboratory

>>Engineering Training Center

>>Vehicle Engineering Laboratory


School of Electric Engineering and Photoelectric Engineering

>>Department of Electric Engineering

>>Department of Electronic Science

>>Department of Information Engineering

>>Department of Automation Engineering

>>Department of Test and Control Technology

>>Department of Photoelectric Engineering

>>Department of New Energy Engineering

>>Teaching Section of Electrotechnics and Electronics

>>Experimental Center of Electrotechnics and Electronics

>>Central Laboratory of Electric Engineering

>>Central Laboratory of Photoelectric Engineering

>>Research and Development Center of Optical, Mechanical and Electrical integration


School of Computer Information Engineering

>>Department of Computer Science Engineering

>>Department of Software Engineering

>>Department of Computer Application Technology

>>Department of Communication Engineering

>>Department of Internet of Things Engineering

>>Teaching Section of Computer Basics

>>Central Laboratory


School of Civil Engineering and Architecture

>>Department of Architecture

>>Department of Civil Engineering

>>Department of Engineering Management

>>Central Laboratory


School of Economics and Management

>>Department of Business Administration

>>Department of Marketing

>>Department of Finance Management and Accounting

>>Department of Management Science and Engineering

>>Department of Tourism Management

>>Central Laboratory


School of Foreign Languages

>>Department of Business English

>>Department of Translation

>>Department of Japanese Language

>>Teaching Section of College English

>>Language Laboratory


School of Education and Humanities

>>Department of Art Education

>>Department of Pre-school Education

>>Department of Primary School Education

>>Department of Chinese Language and Literature

>>Department of Communication

>>Department of Public Management

>>Teaching Section of Humanities and General Studies

>>Central Laboratory

>>Mandarin Test Station


School of Mathematical Sciences and Chemical Engineering

>>Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

>>Department of Chemical Engineering

>>Teaching Section of Advanced Mathematics

>>Teaching Section of College Physics

>>Chemistry Laboratory

>>Physics Laboratory


School of Art and Design

>>Department of Art Design

>>Department of Animation

>>Department of Industrial Design

>>Department of Fine Arts

C>>entral Laboratory

>>Exhibition Center of Art and Design

Teaching Section of Ideological and Political Courses

>>Teaching Section 1

>>Teaching Section 2

Teaching Section of PE

>>Teaching Section 1

>>Teaching Section 2

>>Physical Health Test Center

>>Group Competition Management Center


  School of International Cooperation


   School of Adult (Continuing) Education