I. Program description
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1. Short-term Program of Chinese Language

This program is designed for individuals or a group of people who want to learn about Chinese culture and language during winter or summer vacation. The program is usually 1 to 4 weeks in duration. The minimum size of the class is 5 students. Normally we offer Chinese Speaking and listening classes in the morning and elective courses or site visits in the afternoon. The elective courses are given in the way of Lectures, including Chinese Culture, Chinese Gongfu, Chinese Folk Music, Chinese Painting, Chinese Calligraphy, etc. Site visits include factories, museum, scenic spots and historical sites of Changzhou city or neighboring cities. 

2. Long-term Program of Chinese Language

This program is designed to train the students' listening, speaking, reading and writing in Chinese language. The program is usually 1 semester to 2 years in duration. Students are divided into different classes according to their current Chinese levels. Each class has 10-20 students. Students who attend all the classes and pass the examinations can get a certificate upon completion of the program.

Main subjects: Chinese Speaking, Chinese Listening, Intensive Reading, Extensive Reading, Journal-Reading, Intensive Training for HSK, Chinese Culture, etc. 

Elective courses: Chinese History, Video Programs Appreciation, Chinese Painting, Chinese Calligraphy, Gongfu, Paper-cutting, Chinese Cuisine, etc. 

Sightseeing: In order to encourage learning and enrich the extracurricular activities, CIT organize students to practice Chinese through visiting the scenic spots and historical sites in Changzhou and neighboring cities each semester.